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How can I better communicate what I want my gauge dial faces to look like?

Email us at support@speedhut.com.

Send a photo of the gauges you would like us to replicate or use one of the design templates below to illustrate what you want your dial faces to look like:

Template - 2 1/16" Gauges
Template - 2 5/8" Gauges
Template - 3 3/8" Gauges
Template - 4" Speedo and Quad Gauges
Template - 4" Tach and Dual Gauges
Template - 4 1/2" Speedo and Quad Gauges
Template - 4 1/2" Tach and Dual Gauges

Additional artwork charges will apply when ordering custom artwork that deviates from our preset options.

Jul 10, 2024

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