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How do I setup/calibrate the CJ Jeep Inclinometer?

How to calibrate the “Inclinometer” (Inclinometer is not available on all models):

1. Install the gauge in the vehicle.
2. Park your vehicle on level ground (i.e. a level Parking Lot).
3. Power on the gauge.
4. Press the button repeatedly until you see the Inclinometer display.
5. Press and hold the button to access the Inclinometer menu.

6.Select “1. Null” and press and hold the button. The Inclinometer display will show 0° for both pitch and roll.
7. If you desire you can set a warning point (5° to 80°) for the Pitch and/or the Roll. An alarm will sound when the vehicle tips past the warning point.
a. Select the axis you want to set (Pitch or Roll). Press and hold to access the menu. Toggle through to set the degree.
b. Do not press the button for 5 seconds to save the setting.

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