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Programmable Speedometer (NON-GPS) FAQs

  • Can you add my odometer mileage to my VSS speedometer?

    Yes, we can do that for you! Please tell us your mileage in the 'Order Comments', and we will program your odometer when we build your gauge. If you already own one of these speedometers you can send it back to us and we can program the miles into the odometer (shipping charges may apply).
  • Does Speedhut manufacture mechanical speedometers?

    No, we do not make mechanical speedometers.One of the great features of our electronic speedometers is that they are programmable. They are easy to calibrate. You can even re-calibrate if you happen to change your rear-end gear or tire sizes. The overall calibration procedure is very simple.
  • Does the programmable speedometer come with a sender?

    No, our programmable speedometers do not come with a sender. Follow the instructions that come with the speedometer to program it to your vehicle’s OEM transmission sender electric pulse output. If you have an older style cable drive output then we do sell senders that convert the cable drive to ...
  • How do I get the speedometer to work off my ECU?

    See diagram:
  • What happens if you exceed the maximum speed of the speedometer?

    If you exceed your speedometer's maximum speed, the pointer will remain at the maximum speed position, and will not move below the maximum speed position until your speed drops back into a readable range. And no worries, speed-fiends, this will NOT damage your speedometer.
  • Why does my speedometer react slower than actual speed?

    Low pulse count per mile will result in a slow response from the programmable speedometer. Our programmable speedometers can read from 1K to 300K pulses per mile. Most transmissions will output at least 10K or more pulses per mile. However, if your transmission is outputting around 1-5K pulses pe...